Frequently Asked Questions

What clothing items are excluded from our service?

Our service is designed for simple clothing so this would exclude formal wear, suits, dresses, and bedding. In addition, we do not handle heavily bloodied or any clothing items with feces.

How does the Laundry Dash process work?

Once a pickup is scheduled in our app, it will be sent out to a Dasher to accept. First-time users will have to purchase a scale and at least one tote bag that will be used for pickup and delivery. Any payment information entered is not charged until the Dasher confirms the weight when the laundry is picked up. Once the laundry is washed and folded, a return time will be scheduled and a Dasher will drop off your laundry on your front doorstep.

Is a subscription required?

No, you can choose to have your laundry picked up, washed/folded, and delivered to your front door on a single-time basis but a subscription streamlines this process and is easier on your wallet.